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Edaleen Dairy

Our Family Farm


Edaleen Dairy is a family farm that produces, processes and makes the highest quality milk and ice cream. Over the years, we have grown and expanded, but our commitment to quality and sustainability has never wavered. Edaleen maintains total control over the cow’s diets: quality, balanced, nutritionist-approved feed is available to them 24/7. Not only are their bellies full and happy but so is their entire body. While still closely monitored by hard-working farmers, these days the cows are getting in line to use the voluntary milking systems (robots!) whenever they feel like it.

Our milk travels only two miles from the farm to the plant where it's processed and packaged within 24 hours. And when we say processed, we mean minimally processed for a fresh and natural taste. From there we package our milk or make it into one of our 40+ flavors of premium ice-cream!

Spanning almost 50 years we have taken great pride in our products and the way we produce them. We believe happy cows make good products and good products make happy customers! 

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Our Company


Edaleen Dairy has been producing and processing their own milk since 1975. What started as a small farm has now grown to five stores located in Whatcom County, WA. With over 100 employees and 1,200 well-tended cows, Edaleen Dairy has also added an anaerobic digester to the farm and voluntary milking systems—robots—to the dairy. We believe staying ahead of the curve by combining experience, innovative ideas, new science, technology and putting our customers first is a recipe for great milk, ice-cream, and a little success!

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