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Lynden Store:

Open: Monday - Thursday:
8am - 9pm
Friday - Saturday:
8am - 10pm

Closed: Sunday
Phone: 360-746-8664

A little about Grover:

Our Lynden - Grover St. location was our third Edaleen store to open. Located in East downtown Lynden, formerly known as Eastside Deli to many people, it kept many of the same offerings Eastside had, while also incorporating everything Edaleen stores have to provide. Grover also is a little special, because our icecream cakes and cupcakes, as well as hamloaf are made there - both of which are a fan favorite and have been popular for years.

Grover Store Offers:

  • All Edaleen homemade milk and ice cream products

  • Miscellaneous dairy products, cheese, yogurt, eggs, butter, etc.

  • Chuckanut Bay Cheesecakes

  • Edaleen's homemade ice cream cakes and cupcakes

  • Our Edaleen apparel, sweatshirts, crewnecks, t-shirts and hats

  • Dipcase with 16 rotating hard ice cream flavors

  • Edaleen soft-serve ice cream with a special rotating flavor every week

  • Hamloaf

Specialty Products Grover Store Offers:

  • Made-to-order deli sandwiches

    • Get them hot or cold​

    • 12 or 6-inch subs or deli bread

    • Choose between a selection of 5 meats, 6 cheeses, many veggies, and condiments

    • Get them to go or dine-in

​​​​       *Our deli also slices the meats and cheese in-house and sells both by the pound - works great for                family functions, potlucks, or just to snack on!

  • Rotating selection of two hot soups per day

    • Clam chowder every Friday!​

  • Ellenos Greek yogurt bar

    • 6 rotating delicious flavors such as lemon curd, mixed berry, ginger raspberry, chocolate brownie, and many more​

  • Great selection of Dutch goods

    • Dutch soups, candy, cookies, boxed goods, and plenty more​

  • Variety of grocery store items

    • Bread, baking goods, cereals, soups, canned goods, chips, candy, soft drinks, and plenty more​

  • Selection of household items

    • Cleaning supplies, cold and flu medicine, hygiene products​

  • Specialty sundaes​​

    • Choose between 12 different sundaes​

    • Design your own - choose your flavors and toppings

      • Get them to go or dine in

Our Collection

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