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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do Ed and Aileen still work at Edaleen?
    Ed and Aileen are both retired. But they still reside in Lynden and make sure to stop by the farm, dairy, and all the stores in their free time. If you run in to them while in the stores, they are usually sure to say hello and make sure you're enjoying your ice-cream cone!
  • Does Edaleen give donations?
    Yes! To ask for a specific donation for your company, team, organization, or etc. send an email to or call our office at (360) 354-5342.
  • Does Edaleen ship to different states/regions?
    Unfortunately, we do not. However, we are looking into different ways of doing it for certain products of ours.
  • Do Edaleen stores take Canadian cash/coin?
    Yes! All Edaleen stores take Canadian cash and coins. However, we do not give back Canadian cash and coins, all change is given back in American (given the exchange rate as well).
  • Can I buy and sell Edaleen product?
    Yes! With a resellers permit you can buy Edaleen product and sell it at your store, restaurant, etc. As long as you put our logo or mention Edaleen on your signs, on the products you sell, you are able to sell Edaleen products. Contact for more info.
  • What is your most popular ice cream flavor?
    It's a close call, but definitely our fan favorite which is Fudgy Wudgy! Our rich chocolate ice cream with a thick fudge swirl mixed through it, makes our delicious Fudgy Wudgy flavor.
  • How often do you get new apparel in?
    We don't have set dates that we get new apparel in. Usually once each of our stores gets low on apparel we will order a new shipment of apparel.
  • Will Edaleen ever have another store in Bellingham, WA?
    As of now, we do not have any plans of another store in Bellingham. But we are always looking for new spots and new opportunities to grow our retail stores.
  • Does Edaleen have sandwiches at every store?
    No, only three of our store locations offer sandwiches. Ferndale, Sumas, and our Grover (Lynden) locations offer sandwiches.
  • Is Edaleen hiring?
    Right now our Guide, Sumas, and Grover stores are hiring. But all of our stores are always open to new applicants! For work in our processing plant pick up a resume at our main office on the Guide or email
  • How many cows does Edaleen have?
    Edaleen has around 1,200 cows.
  • Are your cows treated with rBST or antibiotics?
    No! None of our cows have ever or will ever be treated with rBST or antibiotics. Edaleen and its vets maintain total control over the cow's diets: quality, balanced, nutritionist-approved feed is available 24/7.
  • Does Edaleen have sustainable farming practices?
    Yes! Edaleen Dairy has been running an anaerobic digester since 2012, which uses biofuels naturally produced by bacteria to turn manure and food waste into: -A sustainable and comfortable Fiber Bedding for cows. -A nutrient rich Liquid Fertilizer used to grow more feed. -320,000 kWh of Electricity per month by burning biofuels. This is more than the farm and plant consume, or enough to power 400-450 homes. This process prevents methane from entering the atmosphere. Edaleen Dairy is diligently working to reduce our carbon footprint. All water used in Edaleen facilities is recycled as irrigation on crop fields.
  • Do you carry/make non-cow milk - ie. oat, soy, almond?
    No, we do not. Just delicious and nutritious cow milk!
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