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Voluntary Milking Systems


No, we're not talking about R2D2-like robots, that talk to you and look like they're from the future. We're talking about voluntary milking systems - milking robots! This means cows make and are on their own schedule. They choose when they get milked, all they have to do is get up, walk to where the robots are at and into the system, and the robot does the rest. These systems allow for each cow to be milked to its personal needs and individual capacity, helping each cow reach its full potential - all while letting them decide on their own time - and we mean own time (the robots are open and usable 24/7)

It's that simple! We believe in letting the cows eat, sleep, drink, and get milked whenever they feel like it. While they are still closely monitored by hard-working farmers, the cows now get the freedom to do what they want, when they want.

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