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Sumas Store
Open: Monday - Saturday
9am - 9pm
Closed: Sunday
Phone: 360-988-0189

A little about Sumas:

The Sumas store was the second Edaleen store to open. It's located half a mile from the Canadian Abbotsford border crossing in Sumas, WA. It's brought happiness and sweetness to the little town of Sumas since 2011!

The Sumas Store Offers:

  • All our homemade milk and ice cream

  • Miscellaneous dairy products, cheese, yogurt, eggs, butter, etc.

  • Chuckanut Bay Cheesecakes

  • Edaleen's homemade ice cream cakes and cupcakes

  • Our Edaleen apparel, sweatshirts, crewnecks, t-shirts and hats

  • Dipcase with 12 rotating hard ice cream flavors and the infamous Edaleen soft-serve ice cream

  • Hamloaf

Specialty Offers Sumas Has:

  • Made-to-order sandwiches:

    • Get them hot or cold​

    • 12 or 6-inch subs or deli bread

    • Choose between 5 types of meat, 6 types of cheese, and a plethora of condiments and veggies

    • Our deli is open all hours the store is open

  • A variety of grocery store items:

    • Baking items, soups, canned goods, frozen meals, condiments, bread, chips, candy and more ​

Our Collection

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